Thursday, 17 March 2011

From the beggining..

All right, so how did this blog start?

It's been 5 days ago since i got back from my long week vacation. I'm still dreaming of going back and spend more time in El nido, Palawan. Yes, I was on vacation.. And in exchange to that, I left my previous job. So now, Im stuck..bored..and busy hunting for a new job.I was browsing on my Fb page when my teacher's name came across my mind. I opened his page and looked up on his photos and Bum! they were all amazing..then i remembered that he has a blogsite. I opened his site.. and Bum again. It was amazing'!!!! He was my teacher in chemistry when I was in highschool. The last time i heard, he works as an ESL teacher for korean.. Oh, dont really know it. Why do i keep on mentioning him?.. Well, he's just the one who introduced me to blogging. And because of that, I thank Him. He's name is Mr. Antonio Carranza Jr.. follow him on

Okay sir, super advertisement na yan ha. hahaha.

3.17.11(morning)  til 3.18.11 (morning).. yes, I'm up all night. And til now, I still dont know how to start. I feel like everything i'm saying doesnt make sense.. hahaha. I must admit, i was hesitant.. I have this thought that bloggers should be perfect in English, that includes grammar, past,present,future tense..etc. Im not so good to that. Secondly, I'm scared that no one would be interested to my stories.. hahaha.. thirdly, I just started traveling.. which means, i'm a totally newbhie >.<

And then suddenly, three things came up to me.. 1st, hey.. i just wanna have fun. The hell i care with English grammar. Didnt i already meet loads of people who arent that good but successful in life. Hmmm. 2nd, and so what if no one would listen to my stories? As long as I'm learning, i think that makes it more important. And lastly, I just discovered my new passion.. and that is to travel.. Who doesn't want to travel? I think everyone would be interested to that. So, i'm here.. having fun, sharing my learning experiences, and mind you.. im a bigtime bargainer.. which I promise to give you some tips.. Well, traveling for me, means living up to my dreams.

so see you next time.. enjoy the ride

Jazz chillax


  1. welcome to the blogosphere Jasmine. I am very happy that one way or another I have influenced you to open a blog......and I am happy because opening a blog is like opening doors for yourself.Yeah, I said doors coz there will be many portals for you------to express what you feel, to share what you have in mind, to build connections with people, to create new opportunities. The advantages are just endless. This is your contribution to the internet world, having said that, you have to exercise caution so as not to sacrifice yourself in the process. Be responsible. It's gonna be fun fun fun. Welcome to the blogosphere!!!!

  2. hi jazz,,,,, i'm here... remember if there's a will there's a way now i'm here...