Friday, 25 March 2011

A Letter to a Bestfriend

with the Bestfriend on the shore.. ;))

And the people who Love Her!!  
"If you're alone, I'll be your shadow.  If you want to cry, I'll be your shoulder.
  If you want a hug, I'll be your pillow.  If you need to be happy, I'll be your smile.  
But anytime you need a friend,
I'll just be me."

You're maybe wondering why I wrote you a letter when I could have just told you whatever I wanted. Well, you just don't know that I've been thinking on what to give you on this very special day. I thought maybe a hotdog pillow that will warm you up every time you go to sleep? Or a nice clothe that  you can use when you go to the office? Or a pair of earrings  that you can wear when you attend to some events? Urgh. It's just so hard.. I want to give you more than that.. Thing is, aside from I can't afford it..(lol) you already have all of those. 

I then thought, why dont I just give you something you can treasure forever? Something intangible yet meaningful. If you find it like that.. hahaha ;) You deserve every word I write here. You deserve every effort I put in order to make this a lil bit organized. hahaha :)

Alright, seriously.. There's so many things I want to thank You. And forever isn't enough to pay you back. You've been one of the best persons this world has ever have. And today, on your.. ahem.. let me not say the number.. twenty-blank birthday.. haha.. the people surrounding you rejoices for they were given a precious gift from God. A precious that will not fade forever. And I want you to know, that I'm one of those people.

Thank you for joining my roller-coaster rides. You've been there when I needed you most.. You've been  also there when I didn't need you most. Haha. Thank you for going with the flow even if my jokes weren't really funny. Oh, not really. You laugh cause we're both insane. Thank you for the "libres" and the funny moments. Thank You for coming over to check on me..Thank you for always inviting me even if there's no reasons at all. Thank you for telling me what im supposed to hear, not just what i want to hear. Thank you for being intolerance. Ugh, If I'm gonna write down everything, My page wont be enough to thank you for everything you did.

I wish you all the best. Well, very common message but what else is there to say.. you just deserve nothing but the best. And Im just happy for whatever's coming in your way.. Im so lucky to be your bestfriend. I wont exchange anything for that.
I wont hope that we'll stay friends forever.. Cause I know we will <3

Happy Birthday Bessy. Again, I'm always gonna be here in good times and bad times.. til death do us part.. hahahaha ;)

Oh btw, please stop watching children shows. It annoys me ;p kiddin' Love Yah ;D hahaha.

I hope you appreciate this letter. It's my gift to you on your birthday. Oh diba? haha. Hi-tech na :) 
Happy Happy Birthday !!! 

Lots of Love
Your Bestfriend.. 
Bessy Jazsie :)

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